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Liquid Rose Oil

Liquid Rose Oil

Liquid rose is a blend of 8 organic and natural oils perfectly selected for their amazing benefits and which together clear, heal and moisturise. In addition we infuse roses in that blend because roses have antisceptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-mic...

Our love for natural solutions to everyday problems led to the birth of Organic Jewel products. Through intense experiments of oil and butter mixtures we've formulated the best products for you. We have a wide range of all organic & natural products and have faith that once you try them you'll also obsess over them as much as we do. 

We work tirelessly to give you the best products made from unrefined, organic and natural ingredients. 
Non-Animal Tested
We are great advocates for non-animal testing, as such rest assured that all our products are cruelty free.
Our dedicated team delicately craft and hand package all the products in small batches to ensure the highest quality. 

Organic Journal

Our 3 step combo is readily available for purchase Reveal Oil Cleanser $5 Facial Toner with rooibos $5 SPF 30 Sunscreen $10.
Let's start our new month with cleansing, toning and protecting our skin with the ultimate summer combo that leaves…
@RealTalkFadzie Organic Jewel skincare products 📲 📍Harare Whopesale pricelist also avail…
@RealTalkFadzie Organic Jewel skincare products 📲 📍Harare Retail pricelist also available
Best part about Sunday shopping is free parking and no hustle. Come through and get your favorite products
Organic Jewel Nourishing body oil
@iMisred @redmarketsunday #redmarketsunday Organic Jewel skincare products. Best for nourishing and protecting the…
SPF30 new price alert!! $10 for 50ml. Sunscreen is great for protecting against UVA and UVB light which causes…
Happy #AfricaDay2022
Let's meet on the 14th 💚
While we're away on holiday you can inbox to order and delivery will be done to your preferred location.
@PabiKgadima Preach!!!
RT @PabiKgadima: Sunscreen needs to be applied 365days of the year- ALL SEASONS please 🙂
@MasangpStewart @Magutshwa_
Them: I don't need sunscreen because I am black. Me:
RT @ZimBrandPromo: 🇿🇼 Normalise following @ZimBrandPromo . Follo fo Follo. Good morning.
Them: I don't need moisturiser because I have oily skin. Me:
Did you apply your sunscreen today? #spf30 Readily available instore. We open Tuesdays to Saturdays 9am to 4pm, S…
Closing off the weekend with some well deserved fresh air. And it wouldn't be complete without my all weather SPF c…
The first business day after the long weekend was very productive. It always makes us smile to see how much we're g…

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